About Dolton & Helipont
  • Jiangsu Dolton Petrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, China. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, promotion and service of new technologies and technologies in fine chemical industry, clean energy, environmental protection and other fields. Dolton, as a leading enterprise in China's formaldehyde industry, has been engaged in formaldehyde technology for 30 years. It pioneered to introduce new formaldehyde off gas recycling process technique in China from other countries. After many years of R&D and innovation, technological optimization, upgrading and transformation, Dolton possess more than hundred of technical patents of complete independent intellectual property rights, especially in the low-consumption and steady operation and output, to achieve the earliest investment returns.

  • Wuxi Helipont Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is the independent overseas sales company of Dolton technology and plants.

  • Jiangsu Dolton Petrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. has setup more than 300 plants of formaldehyde and downstream products all over the world. It enjoys more than 70% market share of formaldehyde in overseas markets mainly in Southeast Asia. With this advantage, along with China's efforts to promote economic globalization to become the largest international cooperation platform in the world today, we look forward to docking with foreign enterprises' development vision, deepening integration and sharing mutual technological benefit. We are willing to build strong technical advantages for local enterprises in other countries of one belt one road region and establish cooperative business partnership.

  • With continuous research and development of new technology along with the latest achievements, and the promotion in energy and environment technologies, Dolton has completed an overall planning of its strategy and integration of resources to establish strong cooperation with technology providers in various fields of chemical industry to highlight joint advantages. Today, Dolton not only continues to lead the formaldehyde industry with scientific and technological benchmarks, to achieve complete technological achievements of downstream formaldehyde technology products, but also conforms to the development needs of new energy. Also with deep involvement in environmental technology, Dolton has achieved remarkable results to backup the development of China's energy and environmental chemical technology to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

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