Silver Regeneration Plant
Silver Regeneration Plant
We can provide silver regeneration plants with the production capacity of crystalline silver catalyst/sponge silver catalyst from 5kg/day to 15kg/day.
Its work process flow is as the followings:
  • >1)Waste silver catalyst
  • 2)Calcination pretreatment of waste silver catalyst
  • 3)Waste silver catalyst soaking with oxalic acid and washing
  • 4)Electrolysis of waste catalyst
  • 5)Washing after electrolysis
  • 6)Drying of catalyst after electrolysis
  • 7)Screening of catalyst after electrolysis
  • 8)Finished product after regeneration
Taking a silver regeneration plant with capacity of 10kg/day for example, the list of items is given as below:
List of Items for Silver Regeneration Plant
S/N Particular Specification Q’ty Remarks
Item I: Crystallizing silver electrolytic equipment
1 Electrolytic tank 900MM(LENGT )* 600MM(WIDTH)* 450MM(HEIGHT)* 12MM(THICKNESS) 1 set with  a set of jacket
circulation unit inside.
2 High frequency power rectifier 300A/12V 50HZ 415V 1 set
3 Pulse acid-resistant magnetic pump 220V/65W 50HZ 1 piece a complete set
of circulation pipes
and valves
Stainless steel Cathode
and anode electrolytic bar,
Stainless steel, with diameter of
20mm, length of 950mm
5 pieces
5 XQ-TI,charge chutes and filter bags 12 sets
6 Anode plates 500mm*220mm 2 sets
Item II: sponge silver electrolytic equipment
1 Electrolytic tank 400MM*300MM*100MM 2 sets
2 High frequency power rectifier 300A/12V 50HZ 415V
1 set
3 Cathode plates and anode plates 2 sets
for each
4 Anode tank and filter bag Total
4 pieces
5 Auxiliary equipment and plastic bin
for silver fetching
1 set
Item III: Washing equipment
1 Small type laundry-drier 1 set
2 Filer bag and filter sieve basket 1 piece
for each
Item IV: Drying equipment
1 Muffle 200MM*300MM 220V/3000W
1000 degree
1 set
2 Thermostatic air dry oven Constant temperature: 300degree,
1 set
3 Stainless steel tray 4 pieces With one shovel and a pair of high temperature resistance gloves
4 Stainless steel feeding boxes 2 pieces
Item V: Power building equipment
1 Small type grinder 1 piece For sponge silver use.
2 60-40 mesh complete sets of
stainless steel screen cloth
7 pieces
Item VI: other tools
1 Complete set of connecting wire 1 set
2 Electrical adhesive tape 10 rolls
3 Stainless spoon
and shovels
2 pieces
for each
4 Acid resistant gloves A pair
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