Helipont Chemical Technology Co., LTD. gathers the best engineers. They have most advanced technology and experience in formaldehyde plant, paraformaldehyde plant, hexamine plant, methylal plant, acetaldehyde plant, PODE plant, coal tar hydrogenation plant and power regeneration plant in the profession. They have the most advanced chemical process knowledge and powerful designing capacity. They specialized in making customized chemical plants for clients.

Helipont Chemical Technology Co., LTD. has piles of specialized pressure vessel designing engineer, capable of designing pressure vessel as per Chinese Standard and ASME standard. Our company has excellent manufacturing team, depending on its powerful production facilities; it is concentrated on turning the good equipment drawings into excellent equipments. Our company has first-rate qualified management team, to ensure every product meets the design requirements.

Management Team
  • President-Mr. Ye Zimao

Technical Team
  • Manager of Formaldehyde & Derivatives Dept-Mr.Yang Keqi
  • Chief Engineer of Formaldehyde & Derivatives Technology-Mr. Gu Yixun
  • Manager of Production Dept-Mr. Lu Daqing
  • Manager of Design Dept-Mr. Yan Xiaoming
Sales Team
  • General Manager-Wang Jiang Wei
  • Sales Team
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