Consultation & Evaluation
Consultation & Evaluation of Kaimao Group can provide professional services to assist you to proceed reasonable programming in all stages of chemical projects.

We can compose analysis report relating with chemical project industry and  regional planning.We will make full use of the technical experience over the years in the industry of formaldehyde、paraformaldehyde、methylal、hexamine、acetaldehyde、UF/MF/MUF Resin Glue Plant、Molding Powder Plant, as well as the specialized knowledge accumulated by us through providing the product and service for more than 20 countries to offer you more numerous reliable information.Under our professional experience,through analysising the existing documents and information of the customers,thus finishing the preliminary evaluation and programming of the construction of chemical projects.

Based on our team experience,we can assist you to analysis the various  factors that effect the capacity,including market need 、Internal and external resources procurability、manufacturing process、process equipments、Input-output performance,giving the reasonable Planning and evaluation of capacity.

Based on the ten years’experience of  fined chemical industry,we will give you the detailed description in the planning stage of the project:

•Physical and chemical principles of the process with its characteristics will be offered by us as well as listing  reaction equation.For some complicated,Multi-stage process , block diagram will be offered to express mutual relation and explain the principleof different parts.

•Main process operating condition,including:temperature、pressure、material ratio will be given with its working condition.For bath process,we will provide material cycle and material one time added amount.

•Process Flow:Explain the process of how material go through process equipment and the direction in which separated or generated material go.Explain the key operation condition of main process equipments such as temperature、pressure、material ratio .For bath process,we will provide material cycle and material one time added amount.Describe in detail about the process control requirements,including the shut-down control principle because accident.

•(PFD):On which indicate the below information :
Process equipment and its tag No,name;Main process pipline;special valve position;Material flow No.,Operating condition(temperature、pressure、flow);Industrial furnace、 heat load of heat exchanger;name of common material、operating condition、flow;main control and interlock scheme;

•Material flow data sheet:List main material flow data,including  the starting and ending points、phase state、composition、total flow、gas phase flow、liquid phase flow、temperature、pressure、molecular weight、gas phase density、liquid phase density、gas phase viscosity、liquid phase viscosity、gas phase enthalpy、liquid phase enthalpy.Different date will be offered for different working condition.

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