Engineering Design & Technology
Before starting designing,we will settle design principle,design standard,design scheme and important technical problems according to the needs of project.

We can provide construction drawing design for more than 10 chemical  engineering projects like formaldehyde,paraformaldehyde,methylal,hexamine,acetaldehydeUF/MF/MUF Resin Glue Plant、Molding Powder Plant.

We can design automatic control system for chemical projects .whatever simple one or complicated ones with complex parametric,we can assist you to choose the industrial automaitc instrument match you best,including the below instruments:

1.Measuring meter and process analysis meter that measure the temperature,flow,pressure.

2.Control room meter with control valve, pres-relief equipment,transmitter and checking instrument.

Beside,to meet the needs of customers,we can also provide overall design,including the below aspects:

1 Definite the accordance of Internal and external technology of factory,definite accordance of Internal and external technology of planty,definite the scale,setting plan and investment estimation of utilities and auxiliary facilities,definite the unification of production plant,systematize of factory total flow, definite the principle of systematize of internal factory utilities.

2. Confirmation of process plant composition and process route,definition of factory system are the general conditions to finish the overall design;Institutional framework and management mode are clear;Social sources relied on by the factory is guaranteed with sufficient design data.

3. Divise and sett utilities and auxiliary facilities according todifferent functions.
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