Trimeraldehyde production technology
Trimeraldehyde, white crystal. It smells like chloroform or acetaldehyde. It is stable and sublimated. It is soluble in water (18℃ 17.2g / 100 mL, 25℃ at 21.1g / 100 mL), ethanol, ether, acetone and other organic solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, slightly soluble in petroleum ether, pentane. It forms an azeotropic mixture with water. Boiling point at 91.4℃, containing about 70% (g/g) of three oxygen six rings. The solution can be gradually depolymerized by strong acid, but not by alkali. A small amount of strong acid can be converted into formaldehyde monomer in non-aqueous system, and the conversion rate depends on the concentration of acid. Relative density 1.17. Melting point is 64℃. Boiling point 114.5℃. Flash point (opening) 45℃. Flammable.

Trimeraldehyde is formaldehyde cricoid trimer, is very stable crystal, used in engineering plastics poly formaldehyde and other chemical intermediates, the disinfectant, etc, also can be used in the production of epoxy resin, bisphenol A catalyst, which is the main raw material of daily cosmetics cold perm and hair removal agent, it can also be used for synthesis of transparent plastic and organic antimony, organic tin heat stabilizers such as raw material thioglycolic acid, diisooctyl. The reagent product is a sensitive reagent for testing iron, molybdenum, silver, tin and other metal ions. As an important organic chemical raw material, tripolyformaldehyde can also be used as an inhibitor of copper sulfide and iron sulfide minerals in mineral processing.

Production Process of Trimeraldehyde

Technological Process

Currently trimeraldehyde production process is divided as: sulfuric acid catalytic synthesis in liquid phase, gas phase synthesis of formaldehyde, catalytic synthesis of ionic liquids, solid acid catalytic liquid-phase synthesis (heteropoly acid/strongly acidic cationic exchange resin). At present most manufacturers adopt concentrated sulfuric acid catalytic synthesis in liquid phase, and we are using solid acid catalytic liquid-phase synthesis, process diagram is as follows:

Flow chart of trimeraldehyde

Technological Characteristics
1,  Solid acid catalyst is adopted to reduce equipment corrosion and save investment.
2,  Formaldehyde conversion rate is high, with good product quality.
3,  Small amount of waste water, simple treatment.

Main raw material consumption

Product Quality

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