Procurement Service
Based on long time construction experiene in formaldehyde、paraformaldehyde、methylal、hexamine、acetaldehyde、UF/MF/MUF Resin Glue Plant、Molding Powder Plant  industries,we establish rich experience in chemical equipments purchasing and are willing to share the experience with our customers

We can provide document management service for you.During the construction process of chemical projects,it’s of vital importance manage supplier’s document,whenever before purchasing,during the purchasing process or performance of contract. Document management service include the purchasing contract consisting of definiting deliverable、payment terms、project aggregate scheduling plan、package、transportation and terms of delivery,as well as  a  formal written record for the alteration happening during the process.

We can assist you to choose the best supplier.As is known to all,our company has years experience of chemical equipments purchasing,also forming mature  approval vendor list.We will recommend the excellent suppliers which having long-term cooperation relation with us to our customers.Besides,We keep inspecting and bringing in new customers according to our particular working routine .What’s more,We can also help our customers inspect their new customers,whenever domestic or abroad.

We can offer the inspection and expediting service for you.We have speial QC Engineer and procurement inspection personnel to follow the contract to do manufacturing inspection or supervision for the important equipments or material manufactured by supplier,If necessary,our engineers will also attend the inspection work.Our purchasing engineer will follow the requirements stipulated by equipments and material to organize the expediting plan,requiring suppliers to provide manufacturing drawing and related technical documents as well as the equipments and material stipulated by the contract.

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